Amplicon KwikDraw-A VGA series

1HE Rackmount LCD-Konsole, VGA, ohne KVM-Funktionalität

  • Ästhetisch glattes Design
  • Einfache Montagemöglichkeit, ausführbar durch eine Person
  • Tastatur mit 104 Tasten und integriertem Touchpad
  • Ausgezeichnete Betrachtungswinkel
  • Geringes Gewicht
  • Optional multilinguale Tastatur verfügbar

The Rackmount analogue console drawers offer a varied screen sizes and resolutions to suit any application need. Available in 17" and 19" with a clean, crisp look and feel

All units offer a low power consumption for those green in mind and a low 5W standby.

Easy installation and sleek aesthetic design make this a perfect console of choice.

Options are available with the KVM functionality.

Screen Count
Screen Size
17 inch
19 inch
Standard Def
KVM Option
Keyboard and Screen

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